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    Wasnt able to find a thread on this, can someone link me if there is.

    Brand new to this; having issues setting up a R6S profile for xbox one, using a corsair K95 RGB Platinum keyboard and a corsair M65 PRO RGB mouse with a max dpi of 12000. Mouse movenment is super delayed and im unsure of how to fix this. Sensetivitys are max in game, dpi is set to max in settings on keymander and dpi is set to max on the mouse itself. ive downloaded the profile from here https://keymander.iogear.com/discussion/22/xb1-rainbow-six-siege-profile . Anyone know why im getting this delay
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    Another new issue is it crashes when trying to simulate :)
  • Moderator [Derek]

    The K95 eats a lot of power and the KeyMander cannot power it by itself. You will need to connect your K95's main USB cable to the KeyMAnder and connect the second one to a USB power supply OR leave it disconnected and connect a third mini USB cable between the KeyMander's Power port and a USB power supply like a phone charger.

    The KeyMander can only accept up to 10K DPI so please set your mouse to 10K and set the KeyMander to match.

    Next, R6S had a major update last month and we just updated the profile today for the new aim/look mechanics. Please use the updated version of the profile and use the new in-game settings on the profile page.

    Lastly, I am guessing you have your mouse sensitivity cranked up pretty high, correct? R6S has a lower maximum turn speed limit and you will need to read this to get an understanding how it works.

    Almost forgot, turn off your anti-virus program or add an exception for the KeyMander software as many of them will cause the KeyMander software to crash.
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    Hi there! Here are a few steps you can take to get to the bottom of the issue:
    1) Ensure that your KeyMander, keyboard, and mouse have the latest firmware updates installed. You can locate the firmware updates on the respective manufacturers' websites.
    2) Some gadgets can also have trouble with excessive polling rates. Try decreasing the polling rate of your mouse to 125 Hz or 250 Hz and see if that improves the enter lag.
    3) Make certain your in-game settings suit the recommended settings for the KeyMander profile you downloaded. You can locate the endorsed settings in the profile description or in the feedback area of the profile page.
    4) If the difficulty persists, you may additionally want to customise the KeyMander profile to work better with your unique devices. Open the KeyMander software programme on your PC, join your KeyMander, and alter the settings for your keyboard and mouse. You can discover extra records on customising profiles in the KeyMander person guide or on the KeyMander forums.
    5) Try the use of your keyboard and mouse with every other recreation to see if the problem is particular to Rainbow Six Siege or if it is an accepted hassle with your setup.
    If you are nevertheless experiencing enter lag after making an attempt at these steps, consider reaching out to the KeyMander help group or the neighbourhood on their boards for similar assistance.
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