• MasonR
    Hey there,

    tldr; It would be amazing to map all of the weapons via macro for quick swap as we cannot key map weapons on console - need help

    One of the best mechanics for games like Doom/Quake etc on PC is the ability to change weapons with the # keys...ie 1. Railgun 2. Plasma Gun 3. Rocket Launcher and so on....

    Seeing as we cannot map these weapons via keys I was wondering if someone could help me create functioning macros to access the weapon wheel. I think there will still be a slight delay because the weapon wheel would need to "pop up" but it would be far more functional than having to hold down your R1 key and mouse over to it.

    I tried R1> (1000) + Rightstick down but it appears my macros are not working at all. I saw in another thread that I have to fix that first. I'm assuming we'll just have to find the sweet spot in regards to the milliseconds that the R1 button needs to be "held" down.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    You will need to turn on Macros with F11 and then they should work. The problem with the weapon wheel in Doom Eternal is it relies on having the thumbstick completely pegged in the direction of the weapon. That is an extremely hard thing to do with a macro but you can give it a try. If it works it will likely require adding the direction multiple times with a + in between to activate it.
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