• Moderator [Derek]
    If the KeyMander is connected to an Xbox One console and completely stops responding to the keyboard and mouse, there are a couple things to check. First, make sure KeyMander is connected to a rear USB port on the Xbox One console. The front and side USB ports do not have enough power to reliably run the KeyMander with lighted keyboards/mice connected. Next, troubleshoot the micro USB cable as noted here. If you have finished troubleshooting using the 3-ended cable included in the KeyMander package and the keyboard and mouse still do not respond, check the controller’s USB connection as described below.

    Check the USB connection to controller by opening the Xbox menu, going to System>Settings>Devices & Streaming>Accessories. When the Xbox controller is displayed on the screen, select the three dots below the Configure box. Select the Firmware Update even if “No update available” is displayed. Select Continue. If you see a message saying to insert batteries or connect a USB cable after pressing continue and it will not attempt to update, the controller is connected to Xbox One in Bluetooth mode and you will need to follow the steps below to switch it to USB communication.

    To Force the Xbox One to USB communication:
    Disconnect the controller from KeyMander.
    Disconnect KeyMander from the Xbox One console.
    Disconnect the external power cable from KeyMander (if attached).
    Press and hold Xbox power button on console for 10 seconds until the console shuts down.
    Unplug the power cable from the console for 1 minute.
    Reconnect power cable to the console and turn on using the power button on the console. DO NOT press the power button on a controller!
    When green Xbox screen comes on during boot up, connect the controller directly to the Xbox One console using the micro USB cable. The controller should light up by itself indicating it is in USB mode.
    Reconnect KeyMander cable to the rear USB port on Xbox One console.
    Reconnect external power cable to KeyMander power port (if needed).
    Disconnect the controller micro USB cable from Xbox One and reconnect to KeyMander. The controller should light up by itself indicating it is in USB mode.
  • Brayden Seidler
    hello. i’ve just purchased the keymander 2. when i plug the usb into the keymander my controller don’t light up. i’ve done all that you have said needed to be done and it still don’t work
  • Katon Elijah
    my keyboard and mouse work and everything is fine but every so often like 20 or 30 min my keyboard will disconnect and i can’t use it then i have to unplug it then plug it back in it works fine but it’s just annoying having to do that especially during games it gets me killed at times. also my mic will make a random static sound every so often.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    The static sound is the giveaway that your controller is disconnecting. Please make sure your controller and console are both updated. The controller firmware was a problem a couple months back and after updating it fixed a couple of our test Xbox One units here.
    Next, take the batteries out of your controller, add external power cable to your KeyMander and this will normally stop any power related issues.
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