• Moderator [Derek]
    New software and firmware version have been released with the Active Thumb Stick Swap feature. This new feature allows temporarily swapping the thumb stick control between mouse and keyboard for better functionality with weapons wheels in games like Ghost Recon Wildlands, and command functions like lockpicking in Fallout 4.


    The new Active Thumb Stick Swap feature is detailed here and the new software and firmware are available here.
  • Shietbro
    how do you get the firmware version ?
  • Moderator [Derek]
    Click the Settings icon, then click the "i" with the circle around it and you will see the view below showing the firmware version.

  • Moderator [Derek]

    Or were you asking where to get the newest version of firmware?
    If so, you can get it here and select GE1337P_FW_V1.2.119.002.zip for the firmware and GE1337P_SW_V1.2.116.zip for the software file.

    Note: Make sure to unzip the files and move the unzipped file to the same folder as your KeyMander software before attempting to update.
  • Cajetano
    This latest release introducing the Active Thumb Stick Swap feature is a game-changer for the gaming industry and also holds valuable implications for Supply Chain Management. Just as efficient supply chain management ensures the seamless flow of goods and services, this innovative software and firmware update ensures a smooth and dynamic interchange of controls during gameplay.
    By allowing gamers to switch between mouse and keyboard functionalities for specific in-game actions, such as weapon selection and command execution, the Active Thumb Stick Swap feature optimizes their gaming experience. Similarly, in the supply chain domain, the ability to adapt and swap resources in real-time can significantly enhance efficiency and responsiveness.
    In conclusion, the Active Thumb Stick Swap feature not only enhances gaming experiences but also serves as a reminder of the critical role technology plays in optimizing various industries, including Supply Chain Management. Embracing such advancements can lead to a more efficient, resilient, and successful supply chain, ultimately benefiting businesses and consumers alike: https://supplychaingamechanger.com/erp-in-supply-chain-leveraging-pioneering-solutions-for-streamlined-operations/
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