• MoyCollins
    id like to request a halo reach since it came out with the master chieff collection, of course for the xbox one, thanks
  • Prowler
    I will work on this tomorrow for you buddy.
  • Prowler
    just an update, I worked on a profile yesterday. I am running into a large issue right now, the Aim Assist is very strong and causes the x axis of ain to be extremely slow. The profile is going to take some time to dial in. I am sure KG is working on a profile as we speak.
  • Prowler
    Hey I have tinkered with this game and as previously stated the aim assist is Always active. This makes the mouse feel sluggish through walls when there is any enemy behind a wall that you dont see and due to Aim Assist it slows the mouse down. PC players are complaining abou this very issue on the forums and are upset that there is no way to turn of Aim Assist. I will try to work on a profile but I cannot stand 100% behind it due to the game having terrible underlying mechanics and no way to turn off Aim Assist. I have tested this with a controller in a private lobby with a frie d and can confirm the issue of aim assist activating through walls. Its not felt as much with controller because you are constantly maxing out the joystick and fighting it, where as with a mouse you will notice hiccups when moving aound the map that make you scratch your head.
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