• Zaevex
    So i just got the razer deathadder. And i was wondering if the software for the deathadder is compatible with the keymander, because i plug it into the keymander and my light and sensitivity arent what i set for. would like info and help on this
  • Bo2Monkeyguy101
    Here are some questions that would help others and me
    What console are you on
    are you connected to any other power sources
    what MAX DPI do you have set on the keymander software(if messed with at all)
  • Zaevex
    well I'm on Xbox one x and my max dpi in the keymander is set to 10000 max. but my question is if the DeathAdder's software is compatible with the keymander's. i set my lighting and dpi to 2 setting in the razer synapse but when I plug it into the keymander, it doesn't save the setting and goes back to the mouses's default setting and lighting.
  • Bo2Monkeyguy101
    So if I have this correctly your trying to set buttons to your mouse using the DeathAdders software, but those aren't registering with the keymander. So I don't think they are compatible with the keymander but to my understanding the mouse works, yes? So why not just ignore the color and find a good setting with the keymander?
  • Zaevex
    Not exactly. I'm trying to only have 2 DPI settings instead of 5 and also change the color, that's all. I'm not trying to change the key bindings.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hey Zaevex,
    Sorry for the delay. If I remember correctly the Deathadder does not have built-in memory for lighting and settings so it will not have those settings except when connected to Synapse on a PC. You may want to double check with Razer, but if there is no memory it will not have the settings when you plug into KeyMander.
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