• Cynoa
    So i have an Xbox one and it says my keyboard and controller is on but it doesnt even work. My controller wont even let me go threw the menu on the dashboard on the xbox one. I talk to someone on the discord server and they couldn't help me. I have tried multiple things but just cant get it working. All the cable are perfectly working. I have my controll and K & M hooked up to my keymander and the keymander is plugged into the side of the xbox one. Please help!
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi Cynoa,

    Did you start with our setup video here to make sure you have everything connected the same way?

    If you have everything connected correctly, you should be able to control your XB1 with your controller connected to the KeyMander for testing. Are you able to use your XB1 controller while connected to KeyMander?

    If so, unplug the micro USB cable from the controller and take the batteries out of the controller. Plug the controller back into the micro USB cable and press the X button. Does the power turn on and allow you to control the XB1?
  • tahoevalkyrie
    Hi I am having the same problems and what Derek suggested is unfortunately not working.
  • Moderator [Marco]

    When you connect your controller to the Keymander from an off position does the controller turn on and stay on ? Or does it just buzz and stay off?
  • tahoevalkyrie
    It would just buzz and stay off. Fortunately I was able to get it all to work I tried changing the cables I was using and switching the USB port I plugged the keymander into on the Xbox 1. I figured out one of my Xbox 1 USB ports does not work.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Glad to hear you got is working. That is a rare problem and since it is not common to consider the chance that the USB port is bad, it makes troubleshooting take longer than it should. Nice work!
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