• Bo2Monkeyguy101
    Hey I was wondering some things about the Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO RGB Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    So what's the difference between the brown and red switches

    How long is the usb cable

    What type of macros can it do

    Is it good with the Korona RGB gaming mouse

    Is there any features that are not noted clearly on the amazon webpage

    last one for people who have bought it, is it worth the money

    all this plus explaining the stuff in the picture
    Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 7.44.07 PM (34K)
  • Moderator [Derek]

    The red switches are linear, meaning they get progressively stiffer as you press them and there is no tactile actuation point or audible click. The brown switches are lighter feeling and have a tactile bump at the switch actuation point, and have a lightly audible click.

    The HVER PRO is entirely programmable for macros, so you can program shortcuts to open programs, create 32 (I think) character macros, plus set up shortcut keys, etc. The double in

    The Korona RGB gaming mouse feels nice in the hand, has a ton of features and is a great value for the price, but I might be biased since I work for the company! lol

    Double Injected Keycaps: The HVER PRO's double injected keycaps will last the life of the keyboard without ever wearing off. The double injection process means the characters on the face of each key are injection molded as part of the key for longevity, not etched into a painted key cap with a laser like other keyboards.

    N-Key Rollover: Basically means you can press all the keys on the keyboard simultaneously and they will all register. Here's a video link showing what it means.

    Here's a video link showing the difference between mechanical keyboards and standard (membrane) keyboards.
  • Bo2Monkeyguy101
    So for the red switches is it like a joystick? like you lightly press the key and you don't move that much? and the brown stick is basically like any typing keyboard you have.
    Also I Have the Korana RGB mouse and it works great it feels great its a good mouse but does it pair good with the HVER pro keyboard? or would you recommend the Kaliber Gaming™ RETIKAL Pro FPS Gaming Mouse for gaming?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    No, these do not have analog output. There are about 5 keyboards on the market right now with actual analog function switches, but there isn't software to make use of the functionality yet. It's something we are looking at, but keep that a secret!

    I like the KORONA's feel very much, but the RETIKAL has a better sensor. That said, if you already have the KORONA, I wouldn't upgrade unless I was going to the FOKUS II with the 3360 sensor, or unless the KORONA doesn't fit your hand well. I personally use the both the RETIKAL and FOKUS II and like them both. The RETIKAL fits my hand a bit better, but I love the looks and performance of the FOKUS II.
  • Bo2Monkeyguy101
    Good to know I will probably buy the keyboard with brown switches and keep the Korona mouse.
  • Bo2Monkeyguy101
    On amazon the white keyboard is much cheaper, does it take away some features? Also on the amazon desc. It doesn't say anything about the macros, does the white version of the keyboard still have the macro features?
    Also if you can tell me when's the next discount for this keyboard?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    The white keyboard is our GKB704L-BK which a non-mechanical keyboard and does not have built-in memory or RGB lighting. It looks cool, but is very basic when compared to the top-of-the-line HVER PRO you mentioned.
  • Bo2Monkeyguy101
    Out of curiosity could you make it so you press a button then it types a word with a macro?
    Like I press 'm' and it types 'Flipcoin'
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Yes, that is exactly what macros do. You would use the HVER PRO software to record and save the macro you want to a given key, then pressing that key executes the programmed key strokes.
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