• Jacob Pantuso
    So, yesterday I was testing out my new pc and tried my keymander. Then I realized on Rainbow Six that my keyboard was working fine but when I move or click my mouse it would take an extra second on the game.
  • Jacob Pantuso
    Also, tested it with other mouses and controller plugged in. Also, very choppy the mouse.
  • Jacob Pantuso
    Works when connected directly to xbox, is it a setting on my pc?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi Jacob,
    I think you have a couple issues going on here. First, are you getting a delay with the keyboard and the mouse or just the mouse? If you get a delay with the just the mouse you are most likely using too high a mouse sensitivity setting and/or too much acceleration which exceeds the game's maximum turning speed and clips the controller input as described here. If this is the case, the faster you move the mouse the slower the mouse moves. Make sure to set the in-game sensitivity to maximum and test the R6:S sample profile from the forum to see if it solves the maximum turn speed issue.

    The second problem with a choppy mouse movement can be caused by a few different things. First, what mouse are you using and what is the sensitivity at which you have both it and the KeyMander set? Low resolution mice can become choppy or "stair-steppy" in their movement if the KeyMander sensitivity is set too high for their sensor. This can also be caused by incorrectly adjusted deadzone settings that require too much mouse movement before registering. Let us know what mouse and what dpi settings you are using and we can better help.
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