• nico565652
    I'm sick of the keymander the firmware is not good and I'm not the only one who thinks the same, since all people say the same thing.

    What bothers me the most is that $ 200 to import it I feel cheated because it guarantees that the keymander is competitive, which is not the case if you do not believe that you try to play without autoaim, you will not give anything since the movement is not Natural, unless you use a slow configuration, in that case you would play with the control, since you are supposed to buy an adapter for the fluidity and the rapids of what you do not have.

    The software is not friendly and, although you learn to use it, you will never find good sensitivity. Most of the positive comments I've seen are from historical or raimbow games, it's fun since they are games that do not matter the precision or are very slow. .

    My anger is that I feel cheated and it bothers me even if they recommend a sensitivity, etc.
    As it is possible that all users are not right and always blame a mouse or cables, buy the iogear keyboard and mouse package and it works just as badly.

    The only way to solve the problem is to create a firmware from 0 or test the firmware without autoaim and in a current game.

    It should be tested specifically on Fortnite even if it is unwanted since the majority of the community plays Fortnite because it is the current game.

    Please, I hope you take it. It is true that I improve a little, but people want something now, not when the PS5 comes out.

    Plisssss thanks

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  • Moderator [Derek]

    Is Fortnite the only game you have difficulty finding a profile that works well for you? What console are you using? We haven't updated the sample Fortnite profile for awhile since Apex Legends and other titles have been growing much faster. We just finished updating PUBG since the developers updated the aim/look controls, so we may need to review Fortnite again now.
  • nico565652
    if fortnite is the only game that does not work well
    my console is a ps4
  • nico565652
    Please, I would appreciate a solution since it is the game that I play most lately.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    I'm working on the updated profile for you now.
  • nico565652
    thank you very much I appreciate it quite
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