• King19mana
    Any one can explain to me what mean dead zone setting in( KEYMANDER PROGRAM)
    i mean how can i edit this setting and balance with my aim
    I don't have any idea about how is it work
    I,m using keymander with my PS4
    And i'm try fix my aim in (APEX LEGEND )
    so can help me
    * I uploaded setting of APEX LEGEND
    IMG_4404 (2M)
    IMG_4405 (2M)
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi King,
    Your settings are extremely high and I'm guessing you are having problems with accuracy, correct? Are you able to track your targets as you move with the settings that high? If not, go to the training area in Apex Legends and start working on tracking your crosshairs on a single fixed target while you move and strafe like you do when you play. If you can do that, pick a moving target and start doing the same thing. If you have any of the Call of Duty titles you can create a custom game with bots to practice against targets with more random movements that still simulate actual players. If you have problems tracking targets you will need to keep lowering your sensitivity until you find a setting that allows you to track and hit your targets more consistently.

    I would strongly suggest downloading both our sample Apex Legend profiles and trying them with the in-game settings noted for each profile. I have been working with the LS (low sensitivity) profile for awhile now and although I lack some turning speed, I have been much more accurate with headshots using this profile. What mouse and mouse pad do you have?
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