• Carter
    Hello I was wandering if there was a reason you can tell me why my mouse doesn't feel smooth as if I was on a computer so I can try to figure it out and fix it. I really want to use it but haven't been able to use one properly yet. Also could it be the game I mainly want to use it on which is Overwatch.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi Carter,

    What mouse are you using? Are you using our sample Overwatch profile? Let us know so we can get you up and running well.

    There are a few important things to understand about using the mouse. First, if the mouse and profile are not set up properly for the game you are playing, the mouse may feel sluggish or jerky. Second, mice with lower maximum resolution (dpi) will feel less smooth if the mouse sensitivity is increased too high in the KeyMander profile. Third, the maximum turn speed of the game will limit how fast you can move the mouse. Fourth, the aim/look mechanics in console games are different than PC because they are designed for thumb sticks. Some aim/look mechanics are very good like in the Call of Duty franchise, while others can be a challenge to overcome. Here's some more in-depth information about the mouse settings.
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