• Prowler
    Stick Layout Default
    Interact/Reload Tap to Use and Reload
    Crouch is Toggle
    Aim button is Hold

    Movement Aiming
    Sensitivity (7)
    Sensitivity ADS (6)
    Response curve is Classic
    Look Deadzone Small
    Movement Deadzone Small
    Inverted Look Off
    Vibration (on or off)

    I upped my Field of View in Video to 90

    *Note if the ads is slow for up close battles then go into the keymander profile settings and change the ads acceleration slider to 50*
    APEXLEGENDS.profile (133K)
  • Tomcas
    love you man, thanks i will give it a try
  • w1sp3r24
    thanks so much man
  • charles Snyder
    never fail great profile man thanks!
  • ByteXavier
    Is this PS4 or Xbox? Where did you map grenades and Ultimate?
  • Prowler
    grenades are mapped on the 1234 on keyboard I believe it is 2 but dont qoute me im not at computer. Ultimate is activated by hitting shift and r together or shift and F. This profile can be used for PS4 also just go into controller settings tab and select PS4 remote instead of xbox. And be sure to export the profile after you do it and rename it to Apexlegendsps4 that way you know which one it is.
  • Prowler
    thanks you guys are why I do it ENJOY!!
  • apex legends god
    how do i get it so my mouse doesnt delay
  • Moderator [Marco]

    What kind of mouse are you using? And what is its Max DPI?
  • mark azcuna
    how do you use the profile? just downloaded it
  • DubZ
    Shouldn't in game sensitivity be max ?
  • Tonymobi
    Thanks! Will check this out as well. :)
  • Prowler
    this is all preference, in my experince with a game like pubg where you are taking shots from an average of 30 to 50 meters you need accuracy more than twitch reflexes like Call Of Duty. I find that I win more games with precision than speed. If the speed feels slow to you then add some more speed to the in game settings.
  • Ceaz
    Just downloaded this, it’s really fast for me. Like insanely fast. I’m using a 3500 dpi
  • Moderator [Derek]

    If it is too fast for you just lower the KeyMander's sensitivity setting until it feels comfortable to you. You can also try our updated Apex Legends sample profile here.
  • Mesum Ali
    Heyy. Umm. Hey. I tried your apex legends sample profile. From ps4 sample profiles. Not this one. And that felt slow. Like very very slow. I dont know why. And i literally cant land my shots on people. I dont know maybe the aim fights with aim assist or what. I want apex legends profile. Help me. My mouse is razer deathadder 10k dpi. What should i do?
  • Prowler
    ensure your dpi in the keymander software is set the exact same as your mouse. If you have already done that tey downloading my profile and just make a new ps4 profile and place all my values into the slots on the ps4 profile from the xbox one. Im not sure if something got lost tranferring the profile from xbx to ps. If that does not work download the ps4 same profile that the keymander team has made. Their profiles are always very solid go to's.
  • Mesum Ali
    Yes ive done that already. Yea im trying your profile and playing. Its been 2,3 hours. Im getting kills finally :p i just did some changes on my own. And i think its working for me for now i guess.
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