• Shietbro
    So I recently replace my mouse that came bundled with the Keymander with a wired one. The weird mouse has a max dpi of 9200 and I have it set to max on the mouse and max on the Keymander but I don't really see a speed change, the old one had a max dpi of 2000 and was set correctly like my current one on the Keymander software. The only thing that I have noticed is that it feels a lot smoother and it doesn't seem to jump pixels on the monitor like my old mouse. Also I don't have to move my hand a lot to make movements on the game. The dpi difference is a lot and I was wondering If the speed is supposed to be drastic because I don't notice that much of a huge difference. Maybe going to the old mouse will wield a huge difference for me. Just wondering if this is normal. Smoother and not having to move hand a lot, but I was expecting a huge speed difference. All I can say is it feels a lot smoother/better and I have almost no problems with aiming and turning anymore.

  • Moderator [Marco]

    The higher the DPI the longer distance your mouse will move and also the higher the DPI the more dots your mouse has to cover. This is why it feels smoother, 2000 DPI to 9200 DPI is a pretty big gap so a smoother/better feel is what you should get.
  • Moderator [Derek]Accepted Answer

    If your settings do not change, the mouse will move at the same speed. BUT, the higher DPI mouse will move MUCH smoother over the same speed as the lower DPI mouse.

    Think of mouse resolution like camera resolution for the following example. If you take a photo of the same thing with both a high resolution camera and a standard resolution camera, you will get nearly the same printed image from both if the image is small. However, if you increase the image size, the lower resolution camera's image will look pixelated, and the larger the print the worse it will look. While the image is technically the same, the quality of the image is vastly different.

    The lower resolution mouse will still move at the same pace as the higher resolution mouse, but the higher you crank up the sensitivity, the more jagged the movement will become on the lower DPI mouse. If you set sensitivity too high with the lower DPI mouse, you will have a hard time hitting headshots since the movement will become too blocky. You can still play with the lower DPI mouse, but you need to lower the sensitivity so your resolution is still adequate for your style of play.
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