• Bradf
    Hi, just purchased a Keymander and am shopping for a new mouse. I've seen a few posts here about difficulties using the buttons on Razer Naga (e.g., Naga Trinity) even though it's listed as compatible. Were these issues every fixed or patched? For example, a few were saying that when pushing the buttons on the Naga, they would interfere with keyboard keys. I'm assuming this would occur with the Corsair Scimitar or other mice with a high number of side-panel buttons. I'd rather not have to connect through the PC to play, if possible.

    Any help would be appreciated. If the Naga Trinity/Hex won't work, I am considering the Dark Core SE.

  • Moderator [Marco]

    At the moment the only way to use the extra buttons on the Naga would be through simulation mode. But I believe our team is currently working on getting those buttons to work directly with Keymander.

    The reason this doesn't work at the moment is because the Naga does not have on board memory so it needs to see the software to activate the side buttons.
  • Bradf
    Edit 2: went with Kaliber Retikal to solve issue/question below. If you have any other recommendations, let me know. Would like to have more programmable buttons

    Edit: I’m sifting through the forum on all things related to side buttons and on-board memory. Don’t want to waste your time asking questions mouse by mouse. The basic question I have is if you can recommend a mouse (or mice) with a high number of extra buttons (e.g., 9-11+) that won’t require me to operate/connect through a PC while using my Xbox Is there one that I can program using on-board memory and play directly through the keymander? Hope that clarifies. It looks like the G502 and Naga’s require a PC. =\ Thank you for your responses and help. Seems like a never ending cycle of answering the same questions on here. You are patient.
  • Moderator [Marco]

    The only mouse that I can remember that has on board memory and multiple buttons is the UTECHSmart Venus. It has 12 buttons like the naga but it has on board memory so you can make it changes on your PC through the software, save it and then go direct to the keymander.
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