• zohrow
    So I have had my keymander for about a month now. I am getting used to the sensitivity that I have found almost on my own because not many people use keymander that I have ran across or in simple terms everyone that I have found on these forums either have new gamertags or never respond.

    I believe that the keybinds or button mapping is definitely personal preference and the mouse sensitivity is different for everyone depending on DPI and their play style.

    One huge issue that I am trying to master is slow walking in rainbow six. When I slightly touch my keyboard button it moves as if I were just flicking my left thumbstick to that direction. For higher rank/more competitive players we all know that holding tight peeks is very useful and common. it is nearly impossible with the keyboard.

    i found on a thread that "caps lock" is for slow walking, but when i press caps lock my movement is frozen, if i hold caps lock nothing happens and if i click it and let go then my movement is not changed, so i would like to help other people with whatever they need help with and if anyone knows any tips or tricks for me i would LOVE to know. please and thank you.

    My gamertag is Zohrow
  • Grimm
    Yeah ive been wondering about this for a while...and ive had my keymander for 3 years?
  • Moderator [Derek]
    Hi Zohrow,

    You are correct that caps lock is for walk function. You have to hold caps lock and the direction of movement, like holding the left shift key to run. Is that no working for you? If not, do you have something mapped over the top of caps lock?
  • zohrow
    If anyone else has came across this problem of “slow walking” or “pixel peeking” and is on xbox one please feel free to message me so we can help each other master the keymander and it’s settings. My gt: Zohrow

    @Grimm @Moderator I apologize. I figured out that in rainbow six siege that the left stick dead zone must be lower for this feature to work correctly.

    To be honest coming from controllers all my life and simple typing on keyboards it is not the most common function my left pinky can make repetively and easily. I would prefer shift instead of caps lock.

    I currently have been experimenting and am now at 20 left stick dead zone and holding caps lock while trying to get a better angle or pixel peek. To be honest I hardly slow walk or creep I will walk full speed or sprint most of the time.
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