• Pister
    Hello, I just bought a KeyMander for my xbox one and I'm having some Input lag, it's very little, but it's remarkable, enough to move the camera very quickly from left to right and when I finish that movement with my mouse, the camera is still moving for half a second, is it normal? Is there any way to eliminate it completely or reduce it?
  • Prowler

    Lets try to fix this issue,

    1. What Mouse are you using and what is the DPI?
    2. What game are you playing?
    3. What profile are you running in the Keymander?
    4. Have you correctly setup the Keymander to have the same DPI as your Mouse?
  • Pister
    1.- Logitech G502 12000 dpi
    2.-Its not just in one, Bf1, GEARS 4, halo 5 etc. but lets focus in bf1
    3.-profile http://prntscr.com/lpj284
    4.-yes i think so, but do i need to put the dpi that i am using or the highest possible, http://prntscr.com/lpj2k8 i use 800

    Thank you for trying to help man
  • Prowler

    1.Okay find your mouse programing software and change the max dpi setting to 10,000 (you may have to download this off of Logitech's website).
    2. Change the Keymander DPI to 10,000 (if you need help finding that look at your last screenshot you sent me)
    3. Load up any of my Profiles and try them out after you change these settings and let me know how it feels. ( you may have to adjust the deadzones in the Keymander profile because these profiles were made with a 5,000 dpi mouse.
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