• Shietbro
    What is the difference between gen 1 of Keymander and gen 2 ? also when the app comes out for the Keymander will there be a gen 3 and If there is will gen 2 and 1 work with the app ??

  • Moderator [Derek]Accepted Answer

    There are two main differences between gen 1 and gen 2 KeyMander units. The gen 2 has a different chipset that allows audio to pass through the Xbox One controller, where the gen 1 does not. To use a headset on XB1 with a gen 1 KeyMander you need to pair a second controller and connect the headset to that one, while the first controller is connected to KeyMander.

    We will be releasing the mobile device support for KeyMander in 2 stages, with Android compatibility coming first. The support will be using a wired connection to the Android device, connecting through the devices micro-USB connector over OTG. Both gen 1 and gen 2 KeyMander units should work with this cable, but we are still testing right now.

    Support for iOS devices will follow, and this is where the other difference between gen 1 and gen 2 matters. Support for iOS devices will initially begin with data over the included 4-pole 3.5mm cable and port on the gen 2. This means you will need to connect the cable between the KeyMander's 3.5mm port and the headphone port on the iOS device. For iPhone 7 you will need to use the headset adapter included with the phone.
  • Shietbro
    Yeah can't wait sounds cool :D.
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