• Prowler
    More profile fine tuning great feeling for FPP.
    The Profile was created with ADS same as Look Mode Do NOT uncheck this box. IF you are someone who uses type A profile then you can uncheck the box if the Over the shoulder aim feels sluggish ONLY.

    Right stick deadzone 21
    Left Stick 10
    Movement 10
    Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier 105
    Gener Sensitivity 10
    Vehicle Driver 5
    Aim Accel OFF
    Over shoulder Aiming Sensitivity 10
    1X 10
    2X 9
    3X 10
    4X 7
    6X 6
    8X 7
    15X 10
    PUBG1.1.profile (133K)
  • charles Snyder
    you did it yet again man two dinners out of 4 games last night playing duos with my friend !! I mainly play FPP and this feels great!
    I did max out all my scope sensitivity to 10 except the 6x I left it at 9 and turned aim exel on at 2 and it’s perfect imo
    Anyways I’m always excited when I see you release profiles man keep it up !
  • Prowler
    Thanks! I will try your settings tonight!!
  • TochoMix
    I will try this setting tonight and really how it works
  • Chris Melton
    @Prowler i'm new to keymander,(iv played FPS on K&M years ago) but just wanted to give you a S/O on a great profile. i did change a few key binding to the mouse buttons on my G502 hero, but by far the smoothest profile iv tried. one question, do you have any thoughts on adjusting the in game settings to align with a mid-higher DPI? i run around the 5100-5450 range and 2800 on the DPI shift.
  • Prowler
    Thanks for the shout out! I try to use a dpi around 2500 to 3500 right now. I still steuggle from time to time to find a perfect balance. With the keymander I try to sacrifice sensitivity upclose for being accurate from distance.
  • Chris Melton
    I dropped down to 2300 dpi and it was alot better.i have since bumped up to 2600 and it is almost perfect.
  • MrSeekR
    I've been using your profile for a while and I'd like to say thanks for sharing it's by far the best I've used so far. I only have a bit of a mouse jittery that I can't seem to fix. Do I have to set the dpi on my mouse the same as in the keymander? Or I put the max dpi on the keymander and only adjust the dpi on the mouse? I'm using a corsair m65 pro fps.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Mouse and KeyMander need to be set to the same dpi for proper scaling.
  • Prowler
    Thanks appreciate the kind words! And Derek explained it perfect.
  • MrSeekR
    thanks for the help. It's so much better.
  • skram3r
    So ive been messing around back and fourth with this profile and Dereks. Somehow switching back and fourth i got lost and am now using Dereks profile with Prowlers settings with my DPI set at 3000 and this thing is money! lmao
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Wow, ok that's odd but if it works for you then awesome!
  • UnrealB
    Will this work on the keymander 2? I just got one and you have to use the app for profiles? but the only way I see to add a profile from here is through entering a sharing code?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    For KeyMander 2 support you need to go to the KeyMander 2 forum at www.keymander2.com . You can download profiles for KeyMander 2 from the Game Center tab in the app. You and also share profiles using the sharing code like you noticed. The KeyMander 1 profiles are not compatible with KeyMander 2, however you can open the KeyMander 1 profile on your PC and match all the settings into your PUBG profile on KeyMander 2.
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