• markman87
    I purchased the keymander kit with kaliber gaming wireless keyboard and mouse (gkm602r) combo hoping to cop some sick headshots in battlefield 1. Ive spent hours watching videos, reading posts on the forum, tried multiple profiles, and spent lots of time tweaking settings and sensitivity in game and in keymander... No matter what I try I can not get smooth precision aiming - there is ALWAYS pixel jumping with fine mouse movements. If I want to get the crosshairs on a specific, stationary point, It could take me 10-20 seconds to get the crosshairs there.
    My main setup is a 55" 4k hdr tv and Xbox One X. I wasn't sure if the 4k res was a possible issue so I've tried it on a smaller tv in 1080 and 720, as well as a computer monitor and the problem stays the same across the board.
    In game settings:
    Soldier stick sensitivity: 100
    Soldier zoom sensitivity: 100
    Stick Aiming Acceleration: 0
    Center Deadzone: 0
    Axial deadzone: 0
    Max input threshold: 100
    (Uniform soldier aiming) Coefficient: 100

    dpi setting is 2000 to match kaliper mouse, light blinks 3 times to indicate 2000 for on the fly dpi change.
    deadzone has been adjusted numerous times
    spent hours making changes to sensitivity, in game acceleration, diagonal acceleration and curve settings but no matter what the pixel jump doesnt go away.
    At this point the only thing I can think of is buying a higher dpi mouse - which sucks because I just bought this one assuming it would work properly since it came with the keymander kit..
    Has anyone else purchased this kit with wireless keyboard and 2000 dpi mouse and got it working smoothly?
    Any other suggestions to try before purchasing new mouse?

    I am already quite competitive using the regular controller, the only reason I got this was to give me an edge with fine aiming particularly while using medium-ranged rifles.
    Thanks in advance,
  • KeymanderMan

    Hey! I'm pretty much having the same exact issue you're having, except on Fortnite. I made a thread about it a couple days ago, "ADS crappy on Fortnite". I really didn't like aiming with a controller, so I bought the keymander in order to have more precision and accuracy. However, with the way mine is set up right now, I'm better off using a controller. I also bought the kb&m combo, so I'm using the Kaliber mouse as well, set on 1000DPI. I'm on Xbox One and using a 55 inch TV, not 4K though.

    I've turned all the sensitivities up to 100% in game and have been adjusting the numbers in the keymander software, just like their instructions say to do. Walking and looking around in the game is fine, and using shotguns without ADS is fine as well, it will just take more practice - but mid and long range combat with ADS is horrendous. I can't seem to get the crosshairs on the opponent. Either it moves to fast or it moves too slow. And I agree, it's almost like it "pixel jumps" across the target. It's like holding a bar of soap, it's slippery and imprecise. Not at all what I was expecting.

    I've tried messing with the settings, but haven't found a good fit yet. What exactly do "ADS delay time", "in-game acceleration" and "diagonal acceleration" do? I haven't messed with any of the "deadzone" settings, just left them the same as the Fortnite profile that I downloaded from here. I've also left the curve setting on the default linear line.

    I looked up what DPI settings the pros use, and most of them use like 800 or less. Higher DPI means the mouse is more sensitive to movement, right? So should we set it lower if we want to be precise with fine mouse movements?

    What's your GT? Maybe we can problem solve this together.
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Depending on the game you are playing 2000 DPI may not be enough. What game were you playing? And what profile are you using?
    A mouse starting at 4000 DPI should fix most of your issues.

    DPI works differently on Keymander then on PC, we want your mouse set to its Max so we have a full range of the sensor on the mouse. On a PC a lower DPI will still keep it smooth but with keymander we want a High DPI, then if you need a faster sensitivity you would raise it in the keymander software.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    The GKM602R keyboard and mouse combo is designed for casual to intermediate level gamers, and comes in one of our basic kits to get people started with KeyMander. However, if you are already a more advanced gamer (and it sounds like you definitely are), you can do a few things to help smooth the mouse a little but ultimately, at your skill level you will want a higher resolution mouse to snap off quick headshots. While running and gunning in CoD games is fine with the GKM602R mouse, I normally suggest 4000 dpi or higher mice for sniping in games like BF1 or R6:S. We have a KeyMander Performance Kit available that includes a 5000 dpi mouse and is likely much better suited to your skill level.

    I'm using the Kaliber mouse as well, set on 1000DPI.KeymanderMan
    The mouse needs to be set to maximum, so if you have the same kit as Marksman with the GKM602R, then you need it set to 2000 dpi.

    I looked up what DPI settings the pros use, and most of them use like 800 or less. Higher DPI means the mouse is more sensitive to movement, right? So should we set it lower if we want to be precise with fine mouse movements?KeymanderMan
    The dpi settings you describe are for use in PC gaming, but we are playing in a console environment in a game designed for joystick controllers, so those rules do not apply. Here's some information to help you better understand the difference of the console environment, and the way to work within it with the mouse.

    It is easiest to think of it like this: PC games normally have no maximum rate of movement because they are designed for a mouse, however console games MUST have a peak speed so that when mashing the joystick to the side the speed does not increase exponentially until all you see is a blur. The game's maximum turn speed which is controlled by the in-game sensitivity setting (think Insane in Call of Duty games) sets our basic speed limit (maximum turn speed), and our software takes that movement range and divides it into resolution steps with the peak being equal to KeyMander's programmed resolution setting. The higher the resolution setting, the finer the movement steps become which is why a mouse with 4000 dpi or more will have smoother movement. It is also possible to set your mouse to exceed the game's maximum turn speed (by boosting acceleration, sensitivity or deadzone settings too high), causing the game to ignore that input and feel slow, sluggish or laggy until the mouse output (movement speed) drops down below the game's maximum turn speed. Games like Black Ops 3 have very high maximum turn speeds so they very forgiving with an incorrectly adjusted mouse, but games like Rainbow Six: Siege have a lower maximum turn speed and require more testing and tweaking to dial in a good setting. Now, this description is a huge oversimplification and is not a perfectly accurate depiction of the process, but it does make it much simpler to understand the basics of what is happening to better set up your mouse so I hope it helps.
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