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    Is there any way to set multiple keyboard and/or mouse buttons to the same controller button? For example, in Fortnite, I use Builder Pro on the Xbox One. RB & LB are what allow you to switch weapons back and forth in combat mode. In building mode, RB & LB are floor and pyramid. When using the Keymander, I want to be able to switch weapons back and forth using the scroll wheel.

    - So, scroll up mapped to RB which moves to the right weapon.
    - Scroll down mapped to LB which moves to the left weapon.

    However, I want to be able to build floors and pyramids using the forward and backward side buttons on my mouse.
    - So, forward button mapped to RB which makes a floor.
    - Backward button mapped to LB which makes pyramid.

    If you put both of those together, I essentially want [scroll up] & [forward button] to be mapped to RB. And [scroll down] & [backward button] mapped to LB. Is it possible to do this? Thanks!
  • Moderator [Derek]

    We do not currently have the ability to activate a combo from two or more buttons pressed simultaneously, only create combos with buttons held simultaneously. We are working on adding a shift button so that pressing a button like mouse forward would change the function of roll up for example, but we do not have it yet.
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