• coolmanZ1221
    Hello, so recently I bought a new keyboard and mouse. The mouse works just fine but the new key board doesn’t work, but when ever I plug in my old keyboard it works, and the only way I can use my new keyboard is I have to plug it in the pc and I have to do “play mode” Here is a video

    The name of the mouse and key is lexma starter kit
  • Moderator [Marco]

    If the keyboard can only be used during play mode, that means that the keyboard needs to see a PC for it to operate properly. Unfortunately the only work around for a keyboard like this is to use simulation or play mode like you were doing.
  • coolmanZ1221
    so the keyboard with macro key binds can’t be used right?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    I've never seen this keyboard before, so I'm going to order one for us to test. If there's a compatibility issue, we may be able to write a patch for it, but it does take some time. The macro keys cannot be used on any keyboard at this time because different manufacturers use different coding for these buttons, and there isn't an ANSI code standard like for regular keys. We would literally have to write custom code for every keyboard manufacturer and hope that they never changed it, modified it, etc.
  • HenryA13
    Hi, I recently bought this Keymander but it isn't work with my keyboard, my mouse is work perfectly but my keyboard no, my keyboard is a gaming keyboard is the BladeMaster TE BY DREVO, and it is very powerful, have a inside memory card, I do not know why is not working
    Please Help me.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi Henry,
    We have not tested the BladeMaster keyboards, but with their special functions they likely requires a PC handshake to operate. You can test this by connecting your PC to KeyMander and using it in Play Mode. If the keyboard works, it probably requires the Drevo drivers running to operate. We will try to get one and send it to our R&D team to see if we can add compatibility.
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