• Lucas W
    I play Rainbow Six siege on PS4, but the mouse I use is very jittery when I do slow movements. I'm looking for a mouse for the smoothest gameplay, so what details should I look for in a mouse for the smoothest gameplay.
  • DedIzBack
    Yes I recently just bought the keymander and i play siege on ps4, Everytime I aim or move the mouse it will become jittery and stop aiming for some reason, how do I fix this?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    There are a couple things that will help with micro movement jitter. First, fine tuning the dead zone will lower the threshold for movement to be recognized, so it will seem less "jumpy" between small movements. This will offset your speed some, so you need to find the balance for your style of play.

    Next, the higher the maximum resolution of your mouse, the finer the movement steps can be broken down. A lower sensitivity mouse will have larger movement steps, and a higher sensitivity mouse will have smaller steps allowing more precise fine tuning for sniping, etc.

    Finding the right acceleration balance in the mouse settings to fit your style of play will also help. Because most games have various amounts of boost added to compensate for the slow analog sticks, the goal is to find the balance between cutting the game's boost for accuracy, and still maintaining an aim/look speed that is fast enough to be playable while not continually exceeding the game's maximum turn speed.

    These are the areas we work to balance for the average user with the sample profiles. The hardcore gamers will benefit from time spent tweaking the profile for their style of play since there are many things that can be done. Once you have something you feel is on the right track, you can really dial it in using the Mouse Curve. This is an advanced feature and can really make a profile feel awesome or awful depending how much time you are willing to spend learning how minor adjustments respond in your game.
  • Raorix
    I play on ps4 I use the g602 run it at 1000dpi using the siege profile from this site and setting sensitivity as described on profile. Jumped from solo silver to solo gold 3 in one night of play. Don't have any cellphones or other wireless products near your device if using wireless. That'll cause jitters. But g602 by Logitech is a beast of a mouse if wanting to go wirelessnlike I did.
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