• HelloWorld

    thought we could have a single thread for this so you don't have to look around in 4-5 different threads for replies. If moderators disagree, feel free to delete this thread. :)

    To summarize it, after the latest patch 7th of August, there seems to be a problem with strafe running. This have been reported in multiple different profiles, which leads one to think it might not be profile specific issue.

    @Moderator [Marco] directed us to their original PUBG profile but what I've heard the problem persists in that profile as well, accoring to @TochoMix

    So what's next?


  • TochoMix
    Hello, it is exactly as HelloWord says, it also happens to me with any profile that I have tried, when I run I can not go diagonally.
    I would like to know if it is my adapter or it is a general problem, since I am a user of just 20 days of Keymander and I already have a problem, my experience is not being the best.

    I hope a solution.

    Thanks to the moderators for responding.

  • charles Snyder
    I have since tried every profile available on this website to see if there was any that worked, same results every time.
    Any help or info or another profile would be greatly appreciated and would even chip in to donate for time spent figuring this problem out.
    Thanks all
    Hopefully Prowler can get it resolved as I have liked every profile he has released on this website
  • Totaldeath69
    This is not a problem with the profiles Nor with the keymander. This is simply a problem with the game itself. Other players using controllers are having issues as well and Bluehole is aware that there is a problem. However, I am uncertain if the “fix” they have in the works will also get us going again.

    I did see someone mention that this may be Blueholes way of trying to weed out us K+M users. I’m not certain of how possible that is, seeing as how Nico pretty much said they were not worried about people using K+M because they were so few and far between.

    Personally, in the meantime, I have been playing Warframe which is F2P and quite a decent game. It may not be as exhilarating as camping the bridge or getting the chicken, but it definitely entertains.
  • TochoMix
    Thank you!! in minutes I'll try it and you'll have a refund from me!

    thanks, again.
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