(I’m on Xbox One)

    For example, Rainbow six Siege. I want to enable Q and E only while holding the right button of the mouse (LT on controller) so that Q and E will for leaning the weapon while aiming but when i’m not aiming I can use those keys for other functions. I don’t know if this function exists, if so I don’t know how to enable that, if not you should add it.
  • Moderntweety
    The profiles used macros for q to be l3 for leaning. It's there already not sure if that's what ur asking.
  • PR0PH3T
    No because with a macro I can assign the same controller button to two or more keyboard keys, instead I want to assign two or more controller buttons to a keyboard key depending on what other button I’m holding. I hope you understood, also sorry for bad English
  • Moderator [Derek]

    You are trying to make a "shift" button, correct? We don't have that function right now, but may be able to come up with a work around if you can tell us exactly what you need it to do.
  • PR0PH3T
    I’m using an Xbox profile on Rainbow Six Siege. I have “Q” for Ls (Sprint/Lean left) and “E” for Rs (Melee/Lean right), I also have a macro for “L Shift” for Ls (Sprint/Lean left) and a macro for “V” for Rs (Melee/Lean right). What I want is to assign “L Shift” for Ls and “V” for Rs and Q and E assigned to nothing, but when i’m holding the “Right Button of the Mouse” (Aiming) “Q” and “E” are assigned to Ls and Rs so that I can use them for leaning the weapon while aiming but when not aiming I can assign ”Q” and “E” to others buttons or even to nothing.

    Again sorry for bad English.. :lol:
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