• Prowler
    Just finished up a rough draft for Ark Survival Evolved.
    This profile was created with default controller scheme.
    I did not change the default sensitivity in the game because I prefer to use Controller on this game, that being said when you boot up the profile MAX out the in game sensitivity and adjust the sensitivity in the profile accordingly. I can tell you now that if you don't do this you will be spinning circles when you change the in game settings.

    Anyone who is familiar with this game you will know that you use LB to access the right half of you item bar. The last two (Left and Right Dpad) are mapped to left and right on the arrow keys, Please make note of this if you want to change it, the reason it is done in this fashion is because of the way your hand is on the wasd it becomes very limited to map keys because you are using your pinky on control to activate LB. If you do change this try mapping it to your mouse buttons so that you can use food quickly on the go or switch between weapons. Let me know what you think.
    ArkSurEvolvd.profile (133K)
  • Evan5
    Is the ark profile a full keyboard and mouse experience or will you have to use a controller for some parts of the game.
  • makye
    This is a horrible ark profile the controls are not even in the right setting from the PC one...
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