• BigNoggerz
    I was playing xbox perfectly fine and decided to move my table back a little which caused my xbox controller to fall off the table, bending the head of the sync cable that connects to my controller (the light gray wire). Connection was spotty until there was none altogether. I tried using a cable with the same heads as the one i broke and it didn't work, but to be fair the replacement was pretty cheap. What cable can i buy to replace my broken sync cable?

  • Moderator [Derek]Accepted Answer

    If you call our customer service department they can send you a replacement cable, but the process takes longer than just ordering a replacement from Amazon or picking one up at a store. The key is that it must be a good quality "charge and sync" cable so that it can pass data. There are so many charge only cables out there without the data wire inside, and cheap sync cables that don't meet USB spec also out there that it has become our most common problem. My suggestion if you need the cable ASAP is to buy a cable from one of the major brand names since they all must pass the USB-IF specs. Amazon's Basics line should also be fine since they are made for Amazon by a certified company. Here's a link to one from Amazon.
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