• Stevendies
    My keymander has been great so far there is an issue however. I have profiles f1-f4 that work and function as they are supposed to however when I try to map buttons on keys f5-f8 they work but they also change the button mapping on the last f1-f4 key that I pressed. For instance if I previously pressed the f4 key and then pressed the f6 key it would map the buttons to the f6 key and the f4 key and it also changes them back when you try to do so. Help me out here I need more than 4 profiles to map buttons on. Can I also get an explanation as to why the f5-f8 keys beep twice instead of once?
  • Moderator [Marco]

    F1-F8 should only beep once if each button has a profile assigned to it. If you do not have a profile assigned to it in the software then it will beep twice.

    Are you trying to map the buttons through the software? If not you will need to create the profile through our software (PC or android app) and then make your changes. Make sure you press UPLOAD once you get those new profiles set.
  • Stevendies
    Okay I understand. I didn’t have any sort of software installed I was using direct button mapping and had not plugged it into my pc even once but I guess I’ll need to unless there is a way to direct button map without having the f1-f4 keys change along with the f5-f8 keys.
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Once you add the profiles to F5-F8 you will be able to do direct button mapping. You just need the software to add the profile.
  • Stevendies
    Understood. Thank you for clearing that up.
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