• avalonVE
    Hi guys ,
    im looking for a new gaming mouse since my deathadder is now dead, my top choices are the G403 and the G502 because they have the PMW3366 sensor from pixart, but i dont know if the other mice have it which is supposed to be the best. The idea is to find a good value. Steelseries MMO mouse seems solid too. I usually play RTS, RPGs and CSGO . What would you recommend me?
    Or you can refer to the Gaming Mouse recommended in this article: https://pc4u.org/best-gaming-mouse/, please tell me what is the best choice?
    Looking forward to hearing from you
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Th G502 is a great mouse but to get its full potential you will need to use the logitech software and have the mouse connected to a PC.

    You can also check out this list of mice that work with Keymander!
  • Prowler
    Trust me you want to use this mouse from Kaliber Gaming. The Retikal mouse that I reviewed, I can promise that you will get great performance while using the Keymander with this product.


    This is my review of the mouse with links for purchasing it. If you already bought the Logitec and you are not satisfied with performance of Keymander take it back and buy this mouse.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    The RETIKAL mouse (GME660) that Prowler reviewed (and loves) uses the PMW3310 sensor which is what the PMW3360/3366 evolved from. They are both "flawless" sensors, with the 3360 having higher resolution since it is the newer version. As far as playability goes, they are very similar and I have been using 3310 mice for many years and highly recommend it. You'll also save a bunch of money with the RETIKAL since the cost of the 3360/3366 makes the mouse nearly double what our RETIKAL sells for.
  • John Clark01
    For me, the best gaming mouse is Logitech MX518 which I am using for a while now and trust me this is the best mouse for gaming till now. If you want to know more information about the mouse then go through the blog and know more of it.
  • FrankJovine
    Fact remains Razer did have a few very strong products that lasted, and those mice are among them. Things do change over time. Razer is indeed utter **** today, but before they got picked up at large by Esports crowd, it was geek heaven.

    The one constant in time seems to be logitech when it comes to mice, or peripherals in a broad sense. It usually has a baseline of quality that is just very good. They also seem to find innovations that truly work and last. Their wireless tech right now for example... if I would ever go wireless on mice for gaming, it'd be with that. I would also suggest here to look at a few good quality but cheap options for gaming mouse here
    I believe some of them will generate your interest or attention atleast. You can also try Razer Basilisk mouse if you have a budget
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