• Prowler
    Recently Kaliber Gaming was nice enough to send me a few products to sample. I decided that I would give a review of these products. ***I was not asked to do this by Kaliber Gaming and I am not being paid in any way to give this review, all opinions that I express in this review are my own.***

    I was sent the Kaliber Gaming RETIKAL Pro FPS Gaming Mouse and...
    The Kaliber Gaming MECHLITE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.
    I was also sent two accessories to test with the mouse and keyboard the ELEVATR Mouse cable manger
    and the SURFAS Mouse Mat.

    As all of you know I play on the XBOX ONE and one of my popular games that I play is PUBG. This review will be focusing around my experience on PUBG. The first thing that surprised me was how smooth RETIKAL mouse feels. I have yet to experience any pixilation of the mouse, those who do not know what I am talking about is when the mouse feels choppy/jumpy when shooting at distant targets. 200m Acog shots are a breeze, and 100m red dot shots can be made with ease. And speaking of long range shots, the mouse also features a "Sniper" button where your thumb sits on the mouse. Using this button makes sniper shots much more manageable at long range distances. When you hold the button down your mouse slows down and really hones in the precision where you can hit the long range headshots.

    Another great feature of the mouse is the third mouse click button on the top. This mouse features another customizable button on the mouse where your right hand ring finger sits. This button is pre set as double click for computer purposes, but in any FPS button this button becomes very important. I have found that if you leave button default you can actually single shot your firearm while it is in automatic mode. This works wonders in PUBG because if you forget to take your gun off AUTO mode when shooting at long range targets you might throw 3 to 4 rounds down range when you were only trying to click for one shot. I have found that I can leave my guns in auto mode and still get benefits of single shot when using this mouse. The mouse also features an adjustable weight system where you can make the mouse Lighter or Heavier. I used all 4 weights and enjoyed the heaviness of the mouse and how it would allow you to lead targets with ease. The mouse feels great and works great, I would say that this mouse is a must have if you are planning on using a Keymander and is extremely affordable.

    The MECHLITE keyboard worked like I expected after owning Kaliber Gaming Aluminum LED Keyboard. The Keyboard has great feedback and allows you to set the keyboard to 7 different LED backlight modes to customize to your liking. Since I only use this keyboard with the Keymander I cant fully review it in terms of all aspects because I do not have it hooked to a computer. I can say that it feels very sturdy and has a great look to it.

    The ELEVATR Mouse Cable Manager does a great job of keeping you mouse cable from getting snagged and makes it feel as if you have a cordless mouse. I also used the SURFAS Mouse Mat and I will say this product is a must have. The mouse glided over the pad and gave the perfect amount of resistance so that I could lead shots and line up shots. I personally and highly recommend anyone that is looking to use or is using the Keymander and is not happy with their current setup to give the RETIKAL mouse and SURFAS mouse pad a try. You can pickup the mouse and mouse mat for roughly $45.00 which is a great deal. These two products together with the Keymander in my opinion feel like they all three belong together.

    Keyboard Link - http://kalibergaming.com/product/GKB710L/
    Mouse Link - https://www.iogear.com/product/GME660
    SURFAS Link - https://www.iogear.com/product/GGMM1
    ELEVATR Link - https://www.iogear.com/product/GGMCS
  • pablo987
    Thank you for sharing this information. I have visited the keyboard link and I am thinking to buy a new one.
  • Prowler
    You should buy this one, Im not kidding it really does a great job of making the mouse on the xbox very smooth.
  • MatthewB
    Do you think it will be good with rainbow?
  • Prowler
    Yes I can confirm that it is, my rainbow six july edition profile was created with this mouse and keyboard setup.
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