• Cody Chesney
    My mouse is a 1200 DPI. I have done numerous different setups and I haven't found something decent for my gameplay. I see people playing on the XIM converters and they are not having any issues like lag within the mouse or in the game. I think this product is awful. Before I take it back to the store or burn it with a lighter, any last things I can do to get it to the level of a XIM converter?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    1200 dpi is very low to be playing CoD. If you use the sample profile posted and set the KeyMander dpi to match the mouse at 1200 it will work, but movement may be slower than expected or if you turn up the sensitivity too high to compensate it can become blocky. We can help you find a playable compromise, but if you upgrade your mouse to something with a gaming sensor and at least 4000 dpi you will have much better performance and satisfaction. It will also be much easier to fine tune the settings to your style of play when you have more dpi to work with.

    Mouse lag usually comes from exceeding the game's maximum turn speed, but that isn't normally an issue with COD titles. However, when you crank up the sensitivity to account for lower maximum mouse resolution, you can get to the point where you exceed the max turn speed and movement feels slower and laggy. You can read here about maximum turn speed and additional factors that effect mouse performance. It will give you a much better insight how to properly fine tune your mouse for best performance.
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