• legendaryjoshy
    Hi , i bought my keymander, i am able to get it connected and everything. But i can not get the sensitivity that i want or need, at the current state im playing worse than using a controller. I have watched your guides online. But they aren't very helpful.

    I want to set up a profile for overwatch (i have used yours all of them)

    My issue is whenever i move the mouse its either very slow or way too fast. I can't get a smooth transition from left to right.

    My mouse is a razer deathadder elite (side buttons won't work for some reason on the program, i want to set melee to one of those two buttons. The max dpi it goes is 16,000 but the program changes it to 10,000. On pc i play overwatch with a 700 DPI / 4 Sensitivity.

    EDIT: thread moved to Setup and Troubleshooting
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi Legendaryjoshy,

    For some reason your post was flagged by filter system so I just found it. What console are you on so I can better help?

    The Deathadder elite has some smoothing above 1800dpi which doubles at 6000 and doubles again at 11,300dpi. I would try two settings with your Deathadder Elite and see which works better for you- 1800dpi, and 5900dpi (6000 starts doubling the smoothing so better to avoid). Although your mouse can be set for up to 16Kdpi, that level of sensitivity is all but useless. We like having higher dpi settings (4K and above) so we have more room for adjustment and precision, but we also want to avoid the various issues with certain mouse sensors that are move evident at high dpi. If you start with the 1800dpi setting, just make sure to set the KeyMander software to match.

    The Deathadder side buttons should be set in the KeyMander software as the mouse forward and mouse back buttons. I don't have one here for testing, but the previous Deathadder models were compatible, so let me know if this does not solve the issue.

    Also, if you can send us your profile or a screen shot we can see what you're working with to better dial you in.
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