• mawed
    This may sound strange, but unlike other people who use the entire mouses pad while gaming. I on the other hand use my wrist for turning aiming etc. Thus I only use a tiny bit of my mouse pad, I just hate using the whole mouse pad and have not for a while thus meaning my muscle memory has adapted to it.

    On the pc I would use a dpi of 1000, when inputing this on to the settings in the keymander and adjusting sens to 200 as well as the horiz and vert sens to full in game, I can do a 360 with the length of my mouse pad. This is just simply to slow for me a wrist movement player. I've tried adjusting my ob-board memory dpi to like 5000 etc, and on the software and it just freaks out, not smooth what so ever.

    Benchmark of what my pc mouse settings would look like on csgo, DPI = 1000, in game sens of 4 or 3 scope aim of 1. Would love some suggestions !
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Ok first set your mouse to 5000 and set that in the keymander software as well. Now lower the sensitivity to say 60-80 but add acceleration, maybe start acceleration at about 50. Adjust from there by adding more or less acceleration.
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