• mawed
    When connecting the Iogear keymander to the ps4, with all the cables going to the right ports. My screen would randomly interval between flickering black screen to a normal screen. FYI the mouse and keyboard works fine, however the audio would play out of my t.v then my headset then no audio what so ever (not specifically in that order fyi) Id be playing while the audio was choosing it's mind whether to play it or not. Just hoping the screen wouldn't go black during an important battle in overwatch, and when it did hoping I wouldn't die.

    Isolated the problem to the keymander it's self as when it wasn't connect to the ps4 what so ever no issues arrived which excluded hdmi problems or ps4 problems. I'll try check the firmware again, any suggestions welcomed.

    I have a theory it could be the controller setting problem, as when I'm playing the ps4 without the keymander, when unplugging the headset from the audio jack on the dualshock wireless controller then plunging it back in, my screen would go black but then quickly go back. And as the controller is in some weird disable state when connected to the keymander, power light on the controller goes yellow, it can't make it's mind whether it's enabled or disabled glitching the audio which in return brings the black screen flickering.
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Hmm I have not seen an issue like this before with Keymander, is there any way you can try a different controller to see if you get the same issue?

    Do you have headsets connected to the controller when using the Keymander?
  • mawed

    Just figured it out via trial and error, to counter this issue. Going on the ps4, Settings > System > Enable ENABLE HDCP > off will fix this issue. Then going to audio devices, switch input and output to tv, not headset. This is for people who are not using a usb headset and have the issues stated above. I think you'd still have to keep HDCP enabled when using a usb headset or I could be wrong. But when you're not using the keymander and wan't to use you're headset with the audio jack remember to switch output/input back to headset.

    I apologize, the was no issue with the keymander.
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Not a problem at all ! The more information for our users the better, I am sure you are not the only person who may encounter this.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    What games were you playing besides Overwatch? It sounds as if there are issues with the HDCP flags in the games, so it would be good to know about them!
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