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    Hey guys I have successfully used the OG Keymander on my Orginal Xbox One for quite some time now. However, I was only ever able to use it with one specific (Original Xbox One Microsoft) Controller.

    I was NEVER able to sync up any newer (Official Microsoft) Controllers that came with Xbox one S, and now Xbox One X.

    I no longer have that original Xbox One Controller and I would really like to sync one of the other controllers to the Keymander. However, all they ever do is buzz, and never turn on/respond.

    I am currently trying this on the Xbox One X with Xbox One X controllers. But the same issue happened on Xbox S with S controllers, S on standard One and so forth. ONE controller has only worked with this. NONE of the others have ever worked.

    I have/Am:
    - Updated to latest Firmware
    - Using only Official Xbox Controllers
    - Have Removed Batteries, tried rechargeable and standard batteries
    - Have tried 10 different USB Cables including all the ones that worked with the OG Xbox One Controller.
    - Have hooked up both Game AND power USB to the Keymander. No Dice.
    - Have Gone through the Official Keymander setup guide more times than I can count.

    Why do 4 different controllers only buzz and never connect/get recognized? I have 2 Xbox One, and One Xbox S controllers..All official.

    Thanks in advance!
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Ok first thing to do is to connect whatever controller you want to use directly to the xbox and make sure that works.

    Then shut off the Xbox, once it is completely shut off disconnect the power cord from it. Next make sure the keymander is connected to the Xbox and put the controller back on to keymander (use a known good cable, maybe the ones you used previously) then turn on the Xbox by pressing the button on the Xbox itself.
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