• Dustin Glenn
    If a mod could please explain this a little..
    What effects do the in-game settings have while using the Keymander?
    Ex. Does a lower sensitivity just lower the maximum speed you can move with the mouse? Does this
    change the acceleration or curve to mouse movement?
    Does a higher dead-zone in-game give the mouse a higher dead-zone just like the software?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    The in-game settings set the upper range limit of aim/look speed. The in-game settings must be set to maximum so that the mouse can make use of the full range possible, while the KeyMander software settings control the steps through that range. If not, you get slow and possible choppy movement from the mouse. The in-game aim/look setting does not normally affect acceleration, accept for games with built-in timed acceleration in which case it depends on how the developer set it up to function.

    Increasing the deadzone setting past the point where movement begins will create an accelerated aim/look speed. Ideally you want the deadzone exactly at the edge of movement, but some games with a poor aim/look mechanic can benefit certain play styles with a "cheated" deadzone, yielding a faster turning speed in the initial movement stages. Ideally you would set up the in-game deadzone for your controller so that you don't get aim/look drift, then set the profile deadzone based on that final in-game setting. This is the most accurate way to do it for games like Titanfall 2 that have deadzone in-game settings.
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