• Paul Alioto
    The keyboard seems to be working but not the mouse. The mouse works on the computer but not for gaming. I made sure it was in game mode with the F9 button. I downloaded all software and firmware. I have only tried it on Fornite. I've got it in the right profile selected for Xbox One. I've got the wireless USB stick in the keyboard slot.(I've tried both slots keyboard/mouse) I have the USB cable provided plugging in the Xbox controller. KeyMander plugged into the Xbox. I tried reseting it. Please help.
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Lets test the cable first,To test the cable shutoff the controller then reconnect it to the keymander ( make sure xbox is on ). If the controller turns on and stays on then it is a good cable. If it buzzes and turns off then it is just a charging cable.

    Now if you are using the dual cable for the controller make sure the Mini USB side is not connected to anything.
  • Paul Alioto
    I had it plugged into the after market re-chargable battery instead of the controller port on the controller.
    It's now responding. I just need to work on the sensitivity now. It barely moves on the screen. lol
    Thank you for your help.
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Good to hear!
    Check out some of our sample profiles so you do not have to start from scratch!
  • FrankJovine
    I've been very happy with my CM MasterKeys Pro S. I've got MX Browns but they make it with Reds and Blues too. Onboard lighting profiles (and I imagine keybindings/macros too although I haven't messed with it). My only gripe is the lack of dedicated media keys, but I feel like it's harder to find those on a TKL anyway. Though there are a few other good and affordable options for gaming keyboard https://www.reviewsed.com/best-gaming-keyboards-under-100/ . I would recommend check them as well
  • xiuche
    Check out this: https://pctechtest.com/best-gaming-keyboards , I recommend Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro
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