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    hands down im enjoying this thing. i ordered the keymander wireless keyboard and mouse combo. have 0 input lag. it's a little tough smoothing it out for rainbow six siege. but so far it's working great. i'd like to see more users posting on the site and developers creating more profile's! makes the product more legit having those setup and eases the use of it. and this needs to be advertised more when researching what product to use for kb/m xim4 dominates the forums and internet and i see no reason this device shouldn't be used more. Im getting a pc experience on my ps4 at almost half the cost. deserves more advertisement and use
  • Grimm
    Same bro its nice but sometimes the mouse feels a bit to sensitive when i try to make small adjustments ,in seige, quickly
  • Moderator [Derek]

    What mouse are you using, and what are your KeyMander profile settings for the mouse? If it seems hyper sensitive too small movements, it could mean the aim/look sensitivity and/or acceleration needs to be adjusted.

    If your mouse has a lower maximum resolution or has a sensor not optimized for gaming, then it could be that mouse dpi cannot go high enough to move smoothly at the speed you have it set in the KeyMander software. We can make some suggestions for improvement once we know the answers above.
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