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    Hey everyone new profile I worked on for the last hour, please let me know if there are any suggestions for improvement that I don't list below. As always thanks and have a great day!

    Profile Features
    This profile is setup for those who DO NOT have a mouse with buttons on it!
    HOWEVER I did this purposefully, those of you with mice that have buttons please pay attention!
    Re Map the button for Switch Analog sticks to a button on your mouse this button by DEFUALT is mapped to L SHIFT hitting this button allows you to use the WASD to navigate the circular menu's to select items treasure maps etc...

    This profile also includes a "hotbar" for quick use items these quick use items are as follows
    Number 3 selects wood automatically without having to use the radial menu
    Number 4 Selects cannonballs automatically without having to use the radial menu
    Numbers 1 and 2 are your pirate emote circular menus so you will have to activate the hot key to switch the analog sticks. (If you are going to use this try to get into a habit of using your Pinky finger to hit 1 and 2 so you can still use WASD to navigate emotes and chatter.

    In Game Settings that must be changed
    Sensitivity is 10.0
    Controller button changes are as follows...
    Jump A
    Sprint LS
    Primary interact X
    Disengage B
    Pirate chat Dpad Up
    Emotions Dpad Down
    Primary use RT
    Secondary use LT
    Item Radial LB
    Map Radial RB
    Cycle Weapons Y
    Stow/Drop B
    Item shortcut Fruit RS
    Item Shortcut Cannonball Dpad Right
    Item Shortcut WoodPlank Dpad Left

    These three changes are what makes the hotbar work must change in the game!

    Due to In Game settings the cannons are very slow and cannot be aimed due to the roughness of sea and other factors. I combated this situation by using the RB as the "aim mode" activation button this enables ridiculous amounts of sensitivity that I can use at will. The aim mode button is "E" this button needs to be pressed in order to use the cannon when you are trying to fire at enemy ships failure to press and hold e will cause the cannons to be unusable. Please let me know how you like the profile or anyway to fix it, Hope I explained the settings for you guys go get some treasure!
    Sea Of Thieves.profile (133K)
  • Moderator [Derek]
    I'm looking forward to testing this Prowler! Our SoT copy already arrived, but we've been working feverishly on our Android app testing, so we are a bit backlogged at the moment. I expect one of us will be on it shortly!
  • Prowler
    Sweet! let me know what you think from what I played today, it wasn't half bad. I am working on Far Cry 4 at the moment, really surprised at how good my PUBG V2 works on it. If you have downloaded it try it on far cry 5 and tell me what you think!
  • Aladin
    This had to be by far one of thee most bugged Sea of Thieves profiles... This thread is almost six months old and no one has a solid profile for Sea of Thieves as of yet? Please! Individuals like myself who use the Keymander would greatly appreciate a steady working profile from members of the KG team.
  • Prowler
    Sad to hear that it did not work for you, please elaborate on the issues that you experienced with the profile.
  • Prowler
    Also did you read the directions for the profile that I posted along with it? I just finished with the profile and it worked like a charm.
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