• blakemueller1243
    so i got a few profiles and imported them to the keymander program with the keymander plugged in correctly. i can change stuff do whatever i want but it never actually does anything (yes im pressing f1-f5 to get to the profile im editing aswell as double clicking it on the program so its highlighted red). i hit save mess with it in game and no buttons or sensitivity has changed. only way i can map buttons is by pressing start and back on the controller then pressing the home button to put it into keymap but even then i cant map d-pad up and d-pad down since that edits sensitivity even in keymap mode. what am i doing wrong?
  • blakemueller1243
    also does anyone know of a way to setup lean for siege? preferably id like to have left lean as q and right lean as e but idk how to do so. im guessing a macro that holds left trigger and presses left stick or right stick?
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Not sure if you figured out the upload problem or the R6S issue but below are answers to both.

    Make sure you press UPLOAD at the top as well or the profiles won't get sent to the Keymander.

    Since you use the same button to Lean left and sprint you will need to assign the lean left (LC or L3) to Q and then for sprint you will make a Macro for a single button (LC or L3) and assign that to whatever keyboard you want for sprint (usually shift)
  • blakemueller1243
    Ya i figured out i never uploaded lol idk why i never saw that i guess i just wasn't looking for it. But ya the profile i have downloaded i edited a bit and have shift as left lean and sprint and right lean as alt. since i have to ads in order to even lean iv gotten use to it but il do your idea. Id rather have it a bit closer to pc so i dont get my controls confused so frequently lol.
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Understood! Let me know if you need help on anything else!
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