• SanDoria
    Hello Everyone,

    I've tried all of the following:

    -Unplugging all mini usbs and making sure they're plugged properly.
    -Made sure all plugs work correctly. (Keyboard makes beeps when I switch profiles and Xbox Controller Viberates when I plug it in).
    -Resetting Keymander / Downgrading firmware.
    -Bought new plugs.
    -Bought new mouse and keyboard.

    Things that it is doing:

    - Box lights up Power when plugged into the Power.
    - Box Settings lights up when going into the Keymander Software.
    - Keyboard makes Keymander beep when switching profiles.
    - Keymander Vibes controller when plugged in.

    I'm 99% sure my keyboard/mouse and controller are fully functioning. I hope there is a fix to this as it was working perfectly the other day.

    UPDATE: I finally ran out of any ideas that I've seen on the forums so I decided to call...... The person I spoke with was extremely professional, I told him exactly what was wrong and he got my keymander up in literally 5 minutes. (The solution, I unplugged some unnecessary wires and unplugged my power from my Xbox when it was off "Hard Reset") Thank you Keymander Team for your products and A+ team Customer Service.
  • SanDoria
    Update: Did several more firmware recovery processes and still nothing is working. Also retried using many different cables that plugs into the controller with no success.
  • SanDoria
    Update 3/26/2018: Keymander is fully functioning. What was done was I hard resetted my Xbox with Keymander still attached (As well as the controller to the keymander).
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Thanks for the update! Wonder who got you up and running over the phone? ;) lol
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