• TheNeonSquirrel
    Okay so I think I found out the way to have no acceleration so Its distance=Pixels[b/]. Instead of speed+distance=distance. Correct me if I'm wrong @Mods/Admins. During my frustration of losing my previously good settings I decided to put my thinking cap on and decided to try to figure out this in-game/diagnol acceleration settings. What I'm understanding is that "diagnol acceleration" is a percentage of "in-game acceleration". What this means is that if you have your in-game acceleration set to 100. And your diagnol acceleration to 80% you are actually getting 80 in game acceleration but diagonally instead of horizontal and vertical which that's what "in-game acceleration" effects. So by going to the over watch profile that iogear provides I did some VERY BASIC math. I divded the X,Y sensitivity(they should be the same) by their "in game acceleration" setting. It looked something like this 75÷44~1.70. 1.70 is the magic number that you want to insert to find your perfect settings IMO. The formula for the 1:1 Ratio will only work if you have your X and Y sensitivity the same. I tested it once my self and I was pleased with the results, it looked like this: 60÷1.70~35. The formula is this: X/1.70=A. I hope this helps you guys out finding your perfect settings or helped me for sure. If you guys still don't understand I'll try to make a video this weekend on YouTube. Look up "widowmaker keymander"and you should find my channel. Iogear admins if this incorrect old call me out. But At least explain this diagnol setting.
  • pablo987
    can you suggest me a good keyboard at a reasonable price for best experience in pubg?
  • pablo987
    Thank you so much. i will definitely check them.
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