Hello. Enjoying using Keymander, but hitting some roadblocks with the way some games use unique controls. So a couple of questions (and maybe some suggestions)

    1) Is there a list or PDF somewhere of the keymander hotkeys such as F11 enabling macros and F9 enabling typing mode, etc. I only found out about these by stumbling across them in the forums. These and the turbo mode seem like they need to be more prominently explained.

    2) Some games make use of the PS4 touch pads by where it is pressed. This is especially true of the 450+ PSNow games as they use pressing the right side of the touchpad for options and the left for start. They will not recognize the standard keymander tap (or however it's emulated) nor will they recognize the PS4s built in PS button nor options button. Anyway to emulate this or is it possible to add more functionality to the keypad / keyboard. Maybe best suited for macros?

    3) Could we have more macros? Using the keyboard I am quite used to using many different keys and some games (such as any of the Battlefield games) have tons of options. In addition there's a few standard macros I like to use in about every game (ESC to circle since it backs out of generally everything, enter key and numpad enter to X since it's generally for confirming choices, etc etc). I can easily fill the 8 macros and usually am wanting more. Could these be doubled (16) or just add the functionality to create additional macros as desired.

    4) Is there any way to change groups while in the console (not on the PC) ? Currently my other groups are just placeholding some games I'm not playing or don't own yet.

    5) Some games require you to roll the right stick to select things or preform certain actions. This is a HUGE pain with the mouse as you have to try and run it in a circle and honestly it makes it pretty much impossible for *me* to play Horizon Zero Dawn (in that game you pull up a weapon wheel with a key press and then roll the stick to the weapon... and as you gain more weapons these are not on perfect cardinal 8 positions making it even harder to macro). Would it be possible to have a macro choice that indicates rolling a stick (left or right) clockwise or counter clockwise at an adjustable speed value (or at least something slowly)?

    6) Can macros be expanded to use a second keyboard key so that even if Q, E, L1 and L2 are all mapped to various controls I could make a macro that says if I press and hold shift+q it simulates L1 and shift+e simulates L2. This would be so helpful with some games.

    Thanks so much for reading through this and any help you can provide. :)
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi JSV,

    1) Your question made me realize we needed to make the user manual link a sticky so it's easy to find. Here's a quick reference to the F keys:

    [F1] ~ [F8]: Switches to the profile assigned to each button.

    [F9] Keyboard / Controller Mode - Toggles between Keyboard and Controller Mode.
    Keyboard Mode: Allows you to type text during gameplay.
    Controller Mode: Allows you to use the keyboard as a game controller on the console.

    [F10]: Turbo Mode - Turns Turbo Mode on and off. When Turbo mode is on, controller buttons repeat at a specific speed according to the Turbo setting for each button. (Not compatible with all games, including Call of Duty series)

    [F11]: Macro Mode - Turns Macro Mode on and off. When on, Macro keys that are pressed will execute any recorded macro commands.

    [F12]: Play Mode - Play Mode allows you to use a laptop’s keyboard and touchpad for gameplay. If your PC is nearby your console Play Mode allows you to share the keyboard and mouse so you don't need two sets.

    2) Right now we don't have a way to emulate the touch pad as more than a single button press since it is an analog sensor. However, it may be something we can do in the future as we analyze games and devise a way to best convert the data.

    3) I'm actually hoping to address the number of macros in a future revision to add recognition to the additional macro keys on some gaming keyboards. I'm hoping we will be able to add both support for the 6-18 macro keys on a Razer keyboard for example, while adding at least that many macros to make use of them.

    4) Not at the moment, but we are working on Android and iOS app to allow changing profiles or groups and accessing our profile library without a PC.

    5) You are absolutely right, and our next update will add this ability. Right now the only work around is making a profile copy on an adjacent key and setting the copy to swap sticks, but this is only really useful in games like Fallout 4 where you don't have to perform a weapon wheel change during combat.

    6) Unfortunately the current way our macro button timing works does not allow this to work with all games. One of the requested features in our next build is to allow longer timing adjustments that would allow for this use as well.
  • JSV
    Hi Derek,

    Thank you for the long and informative reply! Perfect!

    I'm anxiously looking for Keymanders next update and the new features it brings especially with macros.

    Over the holiday weekend we also purchased an X-Box One S (the price fell a little after the E3 "scorpio" reveal) so now will be delving into switching back and forth between groups and profiles. Have rigged up a series of USB expansion cables so that I can make adjustments via the PC software on the fly. Your mention of an APP is very much welcomed as I've tried both the XIM and Keymander and the XIM4 app is the only benefit I have found in it over the keymander (and even then it was a bit... well let's just say stability and pairing became a battle I was unwilling to continue fighting and leave it at that ;) )

    Anyway kudos and keep up the good work. :)
  • Moderator [Derek]

    The first major update is the Android app scheduled for September, however our engineers advised me we will likely have an update for the weapon wheel fix before that. I just saw the preliminary UI screens and it looks like it will be ready very soon.
  • JSV
    NICE! You guys rock :D
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