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    If you are having trouble dialing in your mouse and notice that the same KeyMander settings feel different when the mouse is connected through your PC (in PC Play Mode or Simulation) versus direct connection to the KeyMander, then there is some software or Windows setting affecting your mouse performance. PC gamers are typically used to making sure their PC mouse settings are not affected by their PC settings, and there are several tools to help stop Windows from adding unwanted acceleration, etc. Without getting overly technical there are a few things you can do to quickly make sure Windows is not interfering with your mouse settings:
    1. Make sure the Windows "Enhance Pointer Precision" feature is turned off.
    2. Windows 10 users need to make sure your Windows screen scaling is set to 100% or that scaling will be applied to your mouse movement.

    For more in-depth information and additional fixes for Windows-induced mouse issues, please read the full reference information here. Please also remember that you can skip all this by simply connecting your mouse directly to your KeyMander so your mouse is unaffected by any Windows mouse settings.
  • Antwan0077
    Is posible enter in simulation mode whith mouse and keyboard connected to keymander?
    Im sure im doing step 1 and 2 right but still feels bad
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Yes, you can have a keyboard and mouse connected to both PC and KeyMander at the same time, (although not necessary because KeyMander has pass-through in Simulation and Play Modes), and the PC will impart any mouse adjustments caused by any drivers or software running in the background to mouse movements made with the mouse connected to the PC. If the mouse movement originates on the mouse connected directly to the KeyMander, it will not add have any influence from the PC drivers. The easiest way to see this is to turn on Simulation or Play Mode and move each mouse a little bit (if both mice are connected), then you will see the difference of the influence the PC has if both mice are setup exactly the same and have the same resolution setting.
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