• Dgregory
    In this profile I wanted to make sure that mouse was as responsive as possible so turning your character 180 degrees and looking behind your shoulder was not a major obstacle. I have adjusted a lot of in game sensitivities to adjust between the normal look and target look sensitivities. If you find that the controls are a little fast I would recommend trying to lower the Aim Acceleration setting within the game because it has a massive effect on mouse responsiveness.

    Also I use a numeric pad for gaming not a traditional keyboard so my button mapping may seem a little weird, please adjust to taste.

    Controller Binding Preset A
    Dead Zone 10
    General 10
    Driving 10
    Targeting 9
    ADS 5
    2x 6
    4x 7
    8x 7
    15x 6
    Aim Acceleratoin 7

    PUBG profile
  • SourWax702
    does this setting feel more like one to one ratio? like counter strike raw input ? im at work so i cant try it out right now but i will when i get home i been trying to find the right profile for pub g for like 2 days jesus christ
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Initially I had some difficulty using short ranged weapons without ADS, but as I've gotten used to it I think this works very well depending on your style of play. Nice work!
  • Dgregory
    SourWax702 the goal was to create a one to one mouse feel. this is much better outside than it is indoors. Still working on the acceleration curves.
  • SourWax702
    i got my sensitivity feeling alot better i just have a problem when i aim down with a scope and try to shoot my target when i aim down my aim is not smooth it feels like the mouse hops its not smooth when i aim down
  • Moderator [Marco]

    This may have to do with how your DPI is set on your mouse. Do you have your mouse set to the highest DPI and also did you match that DPI in the keymander software?
  • SourWax702
    im using the one that came with the bundle for 120$ something like that and yes on the sofware i have it set too 2000 but when i aim down and try to kill someone far away its not smooth like it skips
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Ok make sure the mouse is set to 2000 as well. Now you can try fooling the software, try setting the mouse DPI to 4000 and see if it feels any different
  • SourWax702
    i will try that today thank you.
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