• Moderator [Derek]
    Although designed for use with a keyboard and mouse, the KeyMander does work with the Sony PS3 Navigation controller. The thumb stick allows analog movement exactly like a controller, and the D-pad and button functions of the PS3 Nav controller are supported, however they cannot currently be remapped in the KeyMander software. In order to use the Sony Nav controller with KeyMander and Xbox One, you need to use a PC with the KeyMander and follow the special instructions below.

    Connecting your PC to KeyMander for use in Game Mode
    1. Connect your keyboard and mouse to the PC instead of KeyMander.
    2. Connect the mini-USB cable between the PC and the PC port on KeyMander.
    3. Connect the mini-USB cable between the Xbox One and the Game port on the KeyMander.
    4. Connect a micro-USB cable between your primary Xbox One controller and Controller port on the KeyMander. (The primary controller is the one assigned to your gamer tag in the XB1 Device menu)
    5. Start the KeyMander software on the PC and click Play Mode in the upper right hand corner of the computer screen and press the F key for the profile you wish to use. (We strongly recommend creating a separate profile for use with the Nav controller. You can quickly copy your main profile and paste it to an open slot, then modify it for use with the Nav controller.)
    6. Sign into your game.
    7. Connect the PS3 Nav controller to the Mouse port on the KeyMander (not the keyboard port!).
    8. The PS3 Nav controller will now function as the keyboard and D-pad buttons, but you will lose audio from the XB1 primary controller.

    To use a headset you will need an additional Xbox One controller with an audio port, and must follow these additional steps:
    9. Connect a second Xbox One controller (with audio port) to the Xbox One using a micro-USB cable. DO NOT SIGN IN to your same account on that controller!
    10. Connect your headset to the second Xbox One controller and you will have audio.
    11. The keyboard still functions so you can use the Start, Menu and Back commands, change profiles, etc.

    If the game you are playing does not allow you to change the button mapping, you can do so in the Xbox One Device menu but you cannot change the left and right trigger mapping.

    In the attached sample profile for Doom with PS3 Nav controller, we made the following changes:
    1. Change the Doom in-game controller layout to Strafe layout, which moves the jump button to the L1 button on the PS3 Nav controller.
    2. Swap the Y, X, RB and LC button mappings in our standard Doom profile over to the mouse so all game functions work.
    Doom works very well with PS3 Nav controller!
    XB1 Doom wPS3Nav.profile (133K)
  • Trent Thompson
    I am having trouble getting this to work.
    #1 my ps3 nav controller just blinks.
    #2 my keymander software wont open for me to click on the 'play mode' option unless the USB that goes into the xbox is connected to PC as well. Please help!
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Ok lets start by getting the software up and running, you should have one cable to the PC port going to your computer and then either the POWER port connected or the GAME port connected as well.

    Does the keymander work properly with a normal keyboard and mouse?
  • Trent Thompson
    Yes it does. And everything is set up. Pc port on keymander to pc and game port to pc
  • Moderator [Derek]
    #2 my keymander software wont open for me to click on the 'play mode' option unless the USB that goes into the xbox is connected to PC as well. Please help!Trent Thompson
    Yes, that is correct. You have to have the PC connected in order to use the Nave controller. Are you using it this way and it is not working?
  • Trent Thompson
    Every time I click play mode the app closes
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Do you have any other apps running when you have the software up?

    Also do you have a dual screen setup on your PC? Sounds weird but I encountered a problem where the app would only stay open on the "Main" display of the dual screen setup.
  • Moderator [Derek]

    What version of Windows are you running? What anti-virus software are you using?
  • Roscka
    Hi, I buy today a nav controller because for me the keyboard IS an enemy...
    I do everithing wrote in the description but no way... I spend i lot of time but i fund Solution, in Your guide there IS an error: after rum the program, you choose you F profile click on simulation or play mode IS The same (i prefeer simulation IS too easy change on the fly), disconnect controller from keymander and put nav in controller Port. Now IS ok.
    I use regular controller Like co_pilot on xbox to use Headset or move in menĂ¹.
  • Wax Prince
    How would i setup the keymander 2 with a ps3 navigation controller and mouse on xbox one x?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    We don't have the PS3 navi controller working with the K2 yet, however please refer to the KeyMander 2 forum for support when we do.
  • Wax Prince
    Why is it listed on the keymander 2 forum in the list of compatible devices under Joysticks,gamepads and one handed keyboards that you posted around 2-3 weeks ago?
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Apparently we missed it when we were updated the compatibility chart from KeyMander 1. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I expect we should be able to add compatibility in the future.
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