• Moderator [Derek]
    The analog stick function of the PS3 Navigation controller can be used for movement, D-pad, etc. with PS4 and KeyMander, but there are some special instructions you need to follow. The PS3 Nav controller will actually replace the Dual Shock 4 controller connected to KeyMander, but only after you have signed in to the PS4 with the DS4.

    To use the PS3 Navigation controller with KeyMander:
    1. Start with the Dual Shock 4 (DS4) controller connected to the controller port on the KeyMander.
    2. Sign into the PS4 as you would normally.
    3. Unplug the DS4 controller from the KeyMander (don't sign out!).
    4. Connect the PS3 Nav controller to the KeyMander.

    The keyboard will continue to function to switch profiles, and the Option and Share buttons but you will now use the PS3 Nav controller in place of the keyboard when gaming. You will likely need to reassign the controller buttons in the PS4 menu so that you can take better advantage of the PS3 Nav controller.

    To remap the controller functions for the PS3 Nav controller:
    1. On the PS4, go to Settings > Accessibility > Button Assignment.
    2. Enable Button Assignment.
    3. Change the buttons as needed for your game.

    As an example, for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare with PS3 Nav controller we made the following changes in the PS4 Button Assignment menu:
    Assign Circle to L1 function (crouch)
    Assign X to R1 function (jump)
    Assign L1 to Circle function (flash)
    Assign R1 to L2 function (aim-down-sight)
    Assign L2 to X function (lethal)

    We've made the following keyboard and mouse mappings in the KeyMander software:
    R1 (aim-down-sight) mapped to right mouse button
    R2 (fire) mapped to the left mouse button
    Square (reload) mapped to forward mouse button
    Triangle (weapon swap) mapped to back mouse button
    R3 (melee) mapped to mouse click wheel button

    The attached KeyMander profile is set up as above and works as a good starting point so you can see how the button assignment in PS4 works with the KeyMander key mappings.
    PS4 CoD-IW for PS3Nav.profile (133K)
  • UnKnOwN
    Can i use connect xbox one controller on ps4? Through Keymander converter or not?
  • Moderator [Marco]

    We have been able to get this to work but when the PS4 tries to find the PS4 controller again you would need to reconnect the PS4 controller.

    If you want to try it out, start with the PS4 controller make sure you it works, select a PS4 profile then swap the controller.
  • Samuel Miller
    Wow! I couldn't do that by myself, that's why I wasn't playing on my Playstation 4 for quite a long time now. Also, I was assigned an IT assignment and this post is quite similar to the IT field, so I can use it as the Information technology assignment help to carry on my IT assignment.
  • dante
    It is possible to use ps3 nav controller + mouse on xbox 360? Thanks
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