• Jerry Corman
    Yeah this game on console can be very hard to to control and if you could find a way to make the lockpicking systems easier with macros then that would be Amazing.
  • Moderator [Marco]

    We will see if we can make a profile for the game!
    Can you explain to me what controller buttons are used when lockpicking and what problems you are having with it.
  • Jerry Corman
    Hey I just looked into it and it looks nearly impossible to fix. The lockpicking mechanics makes it so you turn the lock with the left stick going around counter clockwise the the left stick and the right stick is used to find a sweet spot. The sweet spot is golden and using the right stick is must stay on the golden spot while turning the lock with the left stick. The problem is, is that it requires moving both which can be really hard when you have to have the sweet spot in one place while concentrating on moving the left stick when having good accuracy with the right. I tried to use a keyboard and the keymander and it didn't work at all. The mouse just practically didn't allow it. Left and right stick are the only buttons or "sticks" used for lockpicking. It would be really hard to fix this without the help of the devs themselfs. People are saying it will be fixed though so no worries if there's no fix. Sorry for such a delayed response I just got my Omen delivered and have been tempering with it.
  • Moderator [Marco]

    Thanks for the information!
    Hopefully it is something that a small update can fix. No problem, let us know if you need any other help!
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi Jerry,
    Is this similar to the lock picking method in Fallout 4? If so, we have a workaround for it.
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