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    Please send me some helpful tips guys I am at my wits end.

    The current situation, any game other than BF1 and PUBG keymander works great, the current issue that I have is dropped pixels when using any between sight i.e mid range optics (NOT SNIPER RIFLES). I decided after a lot of aggravation yesterday (this due to the drop in pixels trying to hit those targets just barely peaking out at range) to un hook my keymander and attempt to use it in simulation mode. My reasoning for this was maybe my mouse dpi was not correct and was the issue for the dropped pixels since that is what the advice given 99% of the time.

    I hooked mouse and keyboard up to the computer and downloaded the mouse software from Kaliber Gaming website. The software is very nice and allowed me to turn off all off the other mouse DPI settings such as 500 3000 etc etc. So the mouse is only set to 8200 DPI at the moment in the mouse settings indicated by a cyan blue light (which as I have previously mentioned does not align to the manual that is included in the mouse). That was all setup the mouse put into simulation mode along with the keyboard and after ensuring that the keymander software had a DPI of 8200 AND the dead zone setup correctly......nothing changed. I am beyond frustrated at this point, this hands down the best product I have ever used on games such as COD or SWBF2 where most fighting done with AR's is close range or intermittent it is GREAT.

    But once you get to the distances where pixels matter i.e small movements the mouse begins to lose itself and it may jump two pixels over away from the person. I play a lot of PUBG and prior to getting Keymander is was top 1,000 in solos and dub leaderboards, My rank has dropped a lot here recently and I want to use this product on this game. I have not given up on it yet and will continue to help others on the forums, if there is any advise left that can be given to me to dial in these settings please feel free to message me or reply back on here because I am all ears.

    My current setup
    Kaliber Gaming Aluminum HVER Keyboard
    Kaliber Gaming FOKUS Mouse
    Razer Hard Firefly mouse pad.

    I am running what I believe to me is a great setup.
    I have tried to lower sensitivity in the game to where pixels don't jump, but in doing this I lose my ability to snap to targets when ADS. I am going to play with acceleration in game and on the software and see if that helps, I really LOVE the aiming curves in SWBF2 and will try to incorporate those into the PUBG Sample Profile. In the meantime thank you guys for all the help have a great day!
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    Hi Prowler,
    Let me make sure I understand your issue. ADS works normally on scoped guns, but has some pixel movement on guns that are not scoped? Or, is this problem when not using ADS for non-scoped guns?

    Can you attach your profile or send it to us so we can test it?
  • Prowler
    So the issue in pubg is with ADS being toggle when you use Type A controls your general sensitivity is you ADS sensitivity. The main issue is with red dots at 200 meters in the game, this is not a long shot by any means, but when pixilation occurs it makes it very hard to be precise especially if the target is moving or changing directions. The profile attached is WORK on Progress, please don't judge to harshly on it as I am tweaking it right now. (The ADS aim model has not been altered as I will be changing it soon). I will say that this profile allows me to be much better with pixels since setting the aim curve low to begin with and adding in the acceleration so that it compensates for the twitch shots close and the precision slow movement at long ranges.

    Dead Zone 4
    Type A controls (Subject to Change to B) In my bindings you will see that over the shoulder aim would be SHIFT and lean is binded to Q and E this allows for me to move and lean while targeting. This could temporarily solve the issue of general sensitivity being to low trying to compensate for ADS on TYPE A control setting.
    General 10
    Vehicle Driver 10
    Targeting 10
    Scoping 9
    Scope 2X 9
    Scope 4X 8
    Scope 8X 7
    Scope 15X 10 (don't know what to set at because I never get them.
    Aim Acceleration is at 0.

    Thanks for quick reply!
    ProwlerPUBG.profile (133K)
  • Prowler
    BTW shoutout to @Mottflyer for this profile, his profile was the basis for the changes I have made so far. I used his SWBF2 ADS settings in this PUBG profile ( I like the way the curve is setup to allow small movements then faster and faster as you move more).
  • Moderator [Marco]

    We will check out your profile and see if we can add adjustments to it to make it operate better, thanks for uploading the profile!
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