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    I am having problems with my mouse not shooting when I click every now and then.. It is EXTREMELY irritating and causes a lot of losses due to the malfunction. I have tried it with two mice, one logitech and one SteelSeries, both with the newest firmware - Same result. I have them connected to the computer, but have connected them to the keymander with the same type of result. I have not found any instructions or help on how to solve this issue, it is an deal breaker for me and I will have to return my Keymander if I can't get it fixed. I did try to bind the "fire" button to one button on the keyboard and it seemed to get a better result, i.e. not skipping rounds. SO i went on by looking into the settings of my mouse, i played around with the polling rate i.e. went from 1000 down to 250 without any improvement. My logitech have a dpi of 5700, my steelSeries has a dpi of 3200
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